Technology Transactions

Planning a Technology Transaction?

If you are planning a significant technology transaction (a procurement of tech services, software or products or a large outsourcing deal) or you have been presented with a service provider's form of contract, please contact me before you commit to a process, hire consultants, or agree to anything in a proposed contract.  

The earlier you engage me, the more effective I can be in helping you structure your transaction, plan your negotiation approach and identify "non-market" risks in a proposed contract. 

And, by engaging me early in the process of a large deal, you will end up saving tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and laying the foundation for a fair and balanced contract that will give your deal the best chance of success.


I am one of the original tech and outsourcing lawyers in Canada (since 1996) before it was fashionable to specialize in this area.

The majority of my clients have been Fortune 1000 companies - on both sides of the table (i.e. I have represented major Buyers and Service Providers).

I have done huge deals ($500MM+) and smaller ones, opposite the best lawyers in this practice area in North America. 

My deals and deal paper have stood the test of time.  In fact, my former employers and clients still use templates and tools I created for this area of practice (see below).

A partial list of my major representative transactions and deal experience are available here.

Please note that I do not pay any directories (like Chambers or Lexpert) to list me in them. Instead, if you want to know about the quality and consistency of my work as an expert advisor in this area, take a look at just a few of the recommendation letters I have received over the years from my clients, which are available here.


As an expert advisor in technology transactions, I use proprietary methodologies and templates / tools to assess, structure, negotiate, close and monitor compliance of tech deals.

Over the course of my career, I have created and refined the best deal paper in the industry, which is available for use (via a license) even if you do not retain me for your deal. 

The following are some of my "tools of the trade":

In addition, I have chaired several conferences on technology contracting and taught the Selecting the Service Provider / Negotiating the Contract course offered by the Centre for Outsourcing Reseach and Education (C.O.R.E.) to senior tech executives and procurement professionals. I also provide private seminars to in-house legal departments on best practices in procurement and technology contracting.

I have also published extensively in my practice area:  

My articles are well-written, easy to read and offer best practice tips for negotiating tech contracts.

Contact Me

If you would like additional information about my technology contracting practice or you would like to discuss licensing my tools and templates, please contact me using the envelope or telephone link below.