My Online Reputation

The Douche Bag Hockey Dad Debacle

Let me be direct and clear about the negative press about me from 2010: I will never hide from it, I will never try to bury it and I am not ashamed of it.

In 2010, I stood up to a deceitful manager on a minor hockey team and defended 15 boys on that team who wanted to quit because of this manager and her daughter.  I approached this sensitive situation professionally and quietly and instead, an unethical reporter (who owed a favour to the mother of this manager) wrote a false and misleading story about me that went viral thanks to certain types who are well-represented in the mainstream media.

Some people ask me why I did not sue or why I don't take action to have these stories taken down or buried. 

I considered taking legal action but the defendants were deadbeats and my lawsuits would have prolonged the story. 

Furthemore, I decided to own the name - thedouchebaghockeydad - figuratively and literally (i.e. I own the and URLs for this name), which will soon be a BLOG (and possibly, a late-night radio talk show about the destruction that political correctness has wrought in the corporate world, on college campuses and in the media).

In short, I not only survived the Internet trolling - and the death threats - resulting from this incident, I thrived in the face of both.  

And that's the lesson for those who have suffered and are still suffering from false stories about them on the Internet: Don't compromise your values or beliefs because you have been trolled on the Internet.

My family and my true friends - and my long-standing clients - stood by me. 

In fact, new clients came to me because of my online reputation.  These new clients wanted someone who would represent them with professional vigour and zeal.

Look, if you are interested in my practice areas but, you are curious about the details of the above-noted incident, you can read my official statement here.

After you have read my side of the story, if you would like to ask me questions about it, as your potential lawyer, please call me and I will gladly address them in a personal call or meeting with you.