GJA Tech Law Practice

My tech law practice encompasses drafting, negotiating or advising on a broad range of technology matters and contracts, including:

If you don't see your tech law issue or area in this list, then, just ping me through my Contact Me page and I will let you know if I can help you.

Like all of my practice areas, I bring a business mind and a practical approach to technology contracting.

What distinguishes me in this practice area is my ability to draft clear, concise, and non-legalese contracts. 

In fact, because so many clients were asking me to revise their standard contract documents, I developed a separate custom drafting practice area for my tech clients (and for other businesses) and you can read more about this practice area by clicking on this link: GJA Custom Contracts Practice.

GJA Tech-Related "Firsts" and Publications

As a lawyer, if you are committed to a technology practice area, then, I think that you should not only talk the talk but, also walk the walk – by embracing technology in your practice that makes you efficient in delivering your service. 

I have always been at the forefront of using technology in my practice – sometimes at the bleeding edge – and as a lawyer, I "grew-up" in a time where WiFi, smartphones and other technology (that lawyers now take for granted) were just coming online.  (Now, as a quick aside, I happen to think that we are reaching a point of diminishing marginal returns in terms of all the technology that is being developed for consumers and businesses and lawyers – so I am more careful these days in terms of jumping in too quickly with respect to new technology.)

How does this relate to being a good tech lawyer?  Well, when a tech entrepreneur talks to me about his or her new product or service, I get it – the passion and the excitement, that is – but, I then put my lawyer hat on and begin asking questions to guide him or her about the legal and business issues regarding the idea.

In any event, in the "practice what you preach" area of my tech law practice, below are two of my "firsts" as a Canadian technology lawyer followed by a list of my tech-related articles.

Samsung i300 cell phone
  • My first smartphone was the Samsung i300 and it was leading-edge in 2001!  I bought it in L.A. (when I worked for Shaw Pittman) and it was locked to Sprint but, I paid an extra fee (yes, even back then) to get the unlock code. 
  • I attempted to activate it on the Rogers network but, it never worked because the CDMA technology that Rogers used at the time was not compatible with Sprint's technology! 
  • I later bought a Palm Treo and a Palm "flip" smartphone too but, at the time, my i300 was a first on Bay Street.
McMillan Binch article capture
  • As you can see from the Globe and Mail article, I launched the WiFi network in November 2002.
  • Just think about that for a moment as you surf through my website on your super-fast WiFi connection - because it wasn't like that in the first years of WiFi
  • And, it was quite a "fight" to convince the luddites at the firm (at that time) that this technology would be used by all law firms in a few years' time.  Thankfully, I (with the help of the IT Director at the time) persevered and implemented our project.  We got amazing press from it and put McBinch's technology practice on the map!  
  • I recognized the productivity value of this technology because when I lived in Beverly Hills, I implemented a home WiFi network and often worked poolside in the glorious weather of SoCal!

Below are some of my technology-related publications, many of which were quite prescient:

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