GJA Speech Writing

Do you want you and your words to be remembered long after you deliver an important speech?

Then you have found the right person to take your speech to a level that inspires people to take action, causes them to empathize with your cause (to the point of tears) or persuades them to change (or consider changing) their viewpoint.

I can either custom draft your speech or I can take your draft and transform your words into sounds and ideas that resonate on the listener's ears, like butter feels on the tongue.

Now, you're probably thinking, what makes this guy qualified for this task? 

Well, to be direct, I write well.  It's that simple and you either have it – or you don't.

I'll let you be the judge of that by reading through my site or my publications or my GJA BLOG.  And, although I have had many disagreements with people about the content of my publications and viewpoints – all of the people that read my writings usually ask me about how I learned to write so well.

The short answer is that I have always had an ear for the well-written word.  And, no, the reference to "ear" is not a typo that should have been "eye". 

Obviously, good grammar and proper punctuation are required ingredients but, a good writer uses literary license to transform words into harmonious melodies that sound beautiful to the mind's ear when read silently or to the actual ear when read aloud. 

If you've read great pieces of writing and reveled in their literary beauty, then, you'll know – implicitly – what I mean and, well, if you can't relate, then, the power of words is probably lost on you.

If you, however, rely on the power of the written or spoken word to make your living or advance your career, then, you should definitively Contact Me about your next speech.  

George J. Atis
Lawyer - Counsellor - Advocate