GJA Player Agent Practice

Right now, my GJA Player Agent Practice area is in its infancy.

I am in the research phase about the various country, state or provincial laws and regulations and "union" requirements of major sports leagues (i.e. the various "player associations") regarding qualification and registration as an "agent" to represent pro athletes and those hoping to get to the pros.

Based on my research so far, three things have jumped out at me:

  1. There are a lot of unqualified people who are currently acting as agents, many of whom were "grandfathered" as agents before there were laws, regs and union requirements.
  2. The player-agent community is a bit of a "closed club" atmosphere where people on the inside do everything possible to prevent people from joining the club.  See my Sidebar.
  3. There is room for a disruptive change in this industry because agents are charging players way too much for relatively little service in exchange. 

Now, in fairness, there are uber-agents out there who are excellent at their main goal – maximizing the player's revenue when he or she is a hot commodity – however, I believe that being a player-agent should be a life-long commitment because it's unacceptable that so many pro athletes who earn millions of dollars over a short period of time go bankrupt within a few years of retiring from their pro careers.

Like I said, I think things can change for the better and I am working on initiating a disruptive change to the current player-agent model.

George J. Atis
Lawyer - Counsellor - Advocate