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A good lawyer becomes proficient in his or her practice area; a great lawyer is able to argue (and advise on) both sides of an issue equally well.  I am in the latter category when it comes to outsourcing deals – because I can represent either the Vendor or Client side of a deal expertly.

Now, before you read further, let me provide a quick glossary of the basic terms that I use in this practice area – just in case you see these terms on this page (or in my articles).

Starting in 2003, I focused on advising the Vendor-side of the table.  In fact, I became an outspoken advocate for this side as you will note if you read my Vendor-side publications.  Nevertheless, I also accepted Client-side retainers during this period because I wanted to maintain a fair and balanced perspective.

Starting in 2015 however, I began to focus on advising the Client-side of the table.

My switch to the Client-side is a distinct advantage for this side because I know how Vendors go after deals, how they negotiate, and the limits of their lawyers' power.  

In this regard, you should read my article entitled Negotiating Against the Major Outsourcing Vendors - It's Not Personal, It's Just Business for some quick "insider-info" about negotiating against the Vendor-side.

And, although my negotiating philosophy for both sides continues to be – be fair and balanced – this doesn't mean that if you are acting for the Client-side of the table, you shouldn't drive a hard bargain and get what you believe you need for your particular Client and deal; the fact is, for some types of outsourcing deals, the Client-side should have more "levers" in the Ts and Cs than the Vendor-side.

The net-net is that I have deep-expertise (hundreds of deals' worth) on both sides of the table: for Clients, I can help you identify the right Vendor, structure your bid and legal documents, and negotiate the best deal for your needs; for Vendors, I can help your team win and close your deal efficiently.

If you've come across my site because you are considering an outsourcing transaction then, you should request a copy of my GJA Outsourcing Tool KitTM and read it over; it may save you a lot of time and money.

The George J. Atis (GJA) Outsourcing Toolkit

Better yet, just contact me and we can talk about why you want to outsource and whether you are ready to proceed.  If I don't think you are ready or I think you need a third party (non-lawyer) consultant to help, or I don't believe that I am the right lawyer for your deal, I will tell you – directly.

GJA Outsourcing Publications

Because outsourcing has become so popular in the last 25 years, there are so many advisors – lawyers and non-lawyers – who think they know what they are doing in this practice area. 

The question is: How do you distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly (metaphorically speaking) advisors in this practice area?

Well, you can often tell who knows what in this area by reading an advisor's publications (if any).

If the articulation of an advisor's knowledge in this area is clear, concise and useful, then, it is likely that this advisor knows what he or she is doing.  On the other hand, if an advisor's articles are hard to understand or convoluted, then, this is a barometer of what he or she will probably bring to the table.

As you will see from the list of my publications, presentations and interviews below, I am confident in my knowledge of the theory and practice of doing outsourcing deals – but, I would rather let you judge my expertise for yourself. 

Just click any article below to request a copy.  Once you read one (or more) of my articles – or just talk to me about your deal – I am pretty-sure that you will appreciate the insights and skills that I bring to the table, regardless of which side of the table it is

George J. Atis
Lawyer - Counsellor - Advocate